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The world sets his senses ablaze. Malleus is revering at the way he’s lost in it: the sunlight that cast the town in a golden glow, the lanterns and flowers that’s blurring from how the dance spins, and steps, and brings him round and round again.

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Dear Malleus, I have greatly admired you when I first got to know you, but it is only after getting to know you that you truly won me over. You've held a special spot in my heart ever since I've heard you lecture Silver on the differences between grotesques and gargoyles.

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Summary: This is an Malleus x GN reader: Hello again y'all this one is longer than the Azul x reader one but I do hope y'all like this one. Love y'all. Tw: death of character, mentions of discrimination against Fairy’s, r*pe attempt, angst all to hell, but also some comic relief because im not that heartless, and finally flower metaphors because im that bitch-.

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Posts tagged with #malleus x reader. A/N: I was in the bathroom and thought that the song sugar daddy would suit malleus.At first I was like oh this suits Kalim and then I was like WAIT!.

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Mar 07, 2022 · Malleus Draconia. Malleus X Pregnant Wife Reader + Diasomia ; Doctor Gargoyle Malleus X Reader; Octavinelle Dorm .Grilled Seafood Love aka Octavinelle Dorm with a Seafood Loving Girlfriend Twst Yuu OC: Mia Anderson. This is the masterlist section for my “Yuu” OC named Mia Anderson.. "/>.

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2022. 5. 28. · I’m standing over here, reaching for you. A million miles away, come back and stay. No matter how far the memories may be. When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see. Come back to me. A million miles away, come back and stay”. · He lowered his head, and you hugged his head to you. · Patting his snout, you felt his entire body start to. Malleus Draconia Malleus X Pregnant Wife Reader + Diasomia Doctor Gargoyle Malleus X Reader Octavinelle Dorm Grilled Seafood Love aka Octavinelle Dorm with a Seafood Loving Girlfriend Twst Yuu OC: Mia Anderson This is the masterlist section for my "Yuu" OC named Mia Anderson. . You knew of way too many girls, pogues, kooks, and tourons alike.

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Jun 24, 2021 · he’ll spoil you so much, you won’t get any breathing room and if he ever comes to trust you enough and lets you out, he’ll be watching from afar, ready to take you back any moment he sees you being a little too friendly. you’re the cutest thing in the world to him, reminding him of different kinds of small animals.

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2022. 7. 30. · Housewarden of Diasomnia. Descended from fae, he is one of the most powerful mages in the world. He is highly respected on campus, yet his demeanor is less than approachable. Malleus is a considerably tall young man with pale skin. He has cool-black hair that’s mostly cut mid-length, with long bangs and two longer sections of hair on his sides that.

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